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Why Use Pug Multimedia

pugOur Capabilities

  • Web design, layout and coding — our specialty
  • Print design, document formatting and typography
  • Graphic design
  • Audio and video preparation for multimedia formats
  • Ongoing website maintenance and updating
  • Digital delivery on multiple media


  • 20+ years of professional project management
  • Up-to-date internet and software skills
  • Satisfied customers


  • All designs are reviewed with you before implementation
  • Verification of your project is guaranteed on multiple platforms
  • Attention to detail is always on our mind


  • Our attention to your needs is number one
  • A project manager will meet with you before, during and after your project
  • We are only a click away


  • Our development computers are current multi-core CPUs with lastest operating system updates
  • Latest software includes: Adobe Creative Suite 3, Microsoft Office 2007, CorelDraw
  • Test computers are available with all popular browsers and operating systems
  • In-house color laser printing for proofs and composites
  • Private website for client project review