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John Ignoffo, OwnerJohn J. Ignoffo, Jr. — Owner/Designer

John has been involved with computers and the printing industry since high-school where he was editor-in-chief and a photographer for the yearbook. Computers followed during college as he majored in electrical engineering, receiving a Master of Science degree in 1973 from Santa Clara University. Following college, he went to work in the electronic printing research lab for a major business equipment company, bringing micro-processors to printing and imaging devices. His career continued when he joined the Hewlett-Packard Company's Boise Division to work on their new line of office printers. Four years later, he moved to Vancouver, Washington where he was involved with the highly successful DeskJet products. For 30-plus years, John contributed to HP's imaging and printing organization as a design engineer, project manager, marketing specialist, and future product marketing manager.

With an early retirement opportunity, John completed the Multimedia program at Portland Community College. Adding to his hard-copy expertise, he now is able to deliver all types of digital media on the web — and in other forms, such as video DVDs and audio CDs. John's long-time hobby as an audiophile was enhanced during his time at PCC, with training in the sound studio where he learned the techniques that create a great recording.

John founded Pug Multimedia in 2007, with the intent of bringing digital media services to individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.